22 Jan 2024


2024 denim trends

Hey Friends! It’s a new year and with that comes new fashion trends. Don’t worry, nothing TOO radical just little changes in denim that will round out and update your wardrobe. As your virtual stylist, I’m here to help push the envelope just a little and show what’s new and currently on my radar!

Denim will always be a classic staple but this year, you will see new takes on denim in the form of denim shoes, hats, bags and more. There are so many fresh and exciting shapes and silhouettes in denim than ever before. At Alaia, one of my fav looks was a horseshoe jean look with matching shirt, which is a must-have style for early adopters. This year, you’ll see pleated denim trousers and pin tuck jeans that look more like a dress pants however in this post, I’m exploring the most popular and practical denim choices.

Lighter washed denim is trending right now. But dark denim was seen a lot on the runway in more elevated pieces. I always think dark denim looks dressier vs lighter washes that feel more casual. A gray jean here will come in handy, you’d be surprised how easy it is to style them with black or white on top. Also, consider an ecru jean to your collection. Ecru is the perfect color to wear with a navy blazer like this one.

Ok what’s the deal with skinny jeans? I get this question all the time. First of all, I am a big believer in wearing what makes you feel good and happy. But here’s the scoop, skinny jeans are considered a classic but they’re not at the forefront any more. Having said that, there’s a place for a modern skinny jean, just make sure they slightly taper at the bottom and are not skin tight. I’m forecasting a cropped skinner jeans this year. (Worn with Chanel inspired sling backs and a spring blazer). Skinnier jeans will always be around. However, baggier and wide leg jeans are the new shape to embrace.

A good designer sale is always on my radar, and this is one of the best! Take an extra 25-30% off already reduced prices here. Check out these Bottega Veneta mules that were $1295 now $495, click here. Designer-sale dates always break on different days, so make sure to refresh this link often, tap here for Private Sale Designer Sale goodies.

But before we dig in, I’d like to share a stylist tip that makes a huge difference during try-ons. If you’ve been in my fitting room here in Pittsburgh, you know this pet peeve and it always makes my clients laugh! I rarely allow my clients to start trying onwithout a good shoe option. So that means no trying on with bare feet or worse – just SOCKS!! I know you think you can “visualize how it will look with a shoe” but trust me on this! Just yesterday I was getting ready for work and I had on my new R13 plaid dress on and thought to myself “this doesn’t look flattering”. But I followed my own advice, put my boots on and that’s what it took to look so much better. So next time you are having a try-on at home, make sure you are not just wearing socks before you give thumbs down.

*Read to the end for my two New Years/New Habit resolutions 🙂


wide leg denim is very on trend for 2024

Wide leg jeans instantly will make you look taller, and who doesn’t want that?! Full and wide leg jeans are the most flattering cut and the good news is that just about everyone can wear this style. The trick is to wear them high waisted and very long. A heel is best with this jean.

The Canadian Tuxedo is back and easier than ever to wear! The key is not to worry about the different shades of denim. Just like how shades of taupe or grey all blend and look good together, so does shades of denim (90% of the time). If you stick with light, medium, and dark washes of blue (skip the acid wash) you’ll have a great denim-on-denim look

In addition to the denim on denim look, try wearing your wide leg jeans with a sharp black blazer like this one. This is a tried and true formula so have a good black blazer in your closet ready to go. The way to wear these wide leg jeans is long, like real long to the ground. For the most part, wide leg jeans look more chic with a heel of some sort and if its pointy, all the better!

If I could fit one more boot to my closet, it would definitely be this one by Staud (below)

Tap here to shop this look.


I was doing some blog research on Pinterest when this photo of me popped up, it put a smile on my face:) Whatever you want to call them – Horseshoe, Barrel or Balloon jeans, people have strong opinions on them and they continue to sell out! Want to try but still a little skeptical, try the Free People version which are less of an investment. I own several pairs including the latest wash here. Just found these camo barrel jeans that are calling my name here.

A major perk of this denim style is that just about any shoe works with this silhouette! I’ve worn clogs, sneakers, wedges, pumps, booties, western boots, fisherman sandals, and slides with my barrel cut jeans and they ALL work! Now what other style can you say the same about?


Okay I admit, this one is for me. And I’ll be pulling the trigger soon 🙂 Since doing a little research on this trend, I’ve decided they are a must-have. At first I thought I could DIY this look, but I realized if the cuff isn’t deep, like at least 5 inches, to me it looks dated like something you had from years ago. No bueno. So the deeper the cuff, the better to achieve this look!


I’m currently on the hunt for a deep cuffed jean. Here are a few good ones that I’m considering:


Denim dresses have made a big comeback. This one and done trend takes the guesswork out of what to pair together. I recently styled mine in a reel here with a black vest and brown tall boots.

Go sporty with a baseball hat and sneakers. Shop this styled board look here.

Lengths of denim dresses and skirts from maxi to knee-length are also trending now. I love the knee length denim skirts and dresses and think they feel very 70’s-80’s and are especially hip with tall heeled boots. A Gucci handbag like this one would be the perfect accessory to this look.



Photo from Pinterest. Prada loafers found here and here. Socks, loafers and skirts always work together.

I love how you can mix and match and totally change the look of a denim skirt depending on what you choose to wear with it. For example, one day wear said skirt with a black turtleneck and tall black suede boots. The next time, try tying a long sleeve oversized white button down with loafers. Skirts work with blazers + pumps for work then adapt like a chameleon with a tee + sneakers! Perfect for work or weekend!

Have fun shopping these great skirts:


I’ve seen several TV personalities recently wearing this exact denim jacket and pant on air, and let me tell you they all looked fabulous! In fact, I’ve yet to see this outfit not look amazing on everyone! There’s just something about the perfect fit and stretch denim that is not only comfortable but allows for movement on the job. Plus you will like a Boss, not to mention confident as well. So switch it up with a denim suit next time you need a commanding power look. I love both pieces together. Shop this denim suit here.


Cargo jeans continue to be very popular going into 2024. The big pockets are super practical for Moms and anyone that doesn’t carry a purse. I own these cargos in a gray wash by Lagence (wearing above) and the light denim cargo jeans now on sale by Frame here. Because both are a full leg, I balance the look with a more fitted top.


Try adding a denim accessory with handbags, shoes or a hat instead if an all Denim look is too much. That Denim Espadrille above is sure to sell out so don’t think too long on that one! You’ll wear it all spring, summer and into fall too! Shop this board here.


I’m frequently asked what shoes to wear with different jeans and the answer always depends on where you are wearing them. A sling back lower heel like this one in raffia is great with big cuffed jeans for spring. A pointy toe flat shoe like these here are perfect with wide leg jeans. Or try a Dad Sandal like this one from Gucci here with horse shoe jeans. I always think a heel is the dressier option depending on where you are wearing.

Check out a few of my other fav options here:


This New Year I’m making a deliberate effort to make more time for girlfriends. I don’t know why we always say we want to get together but then never do 🙁

I’m making more time for dinners, drinks, weekend getaways and of course shopping trips with girlfriends . We all need to laugh more so cheers to great girlfriends:) There is nothing better than women supporting women!

I picked up this little 5 Minute Journal here (and also gave several as gifts . It’s fast becoming a New Year habit. The idea is to take 5 minutes in the am and the pm to jot down what you are grateful for and more. I’m linking it here so grab one for yourself and see how this new habit can make a positive change.

One thing I’m extremely grateful for is YOU girlfriend!! Thank you for subscribing, shopping my links and of course just being here shows support. Wishing you and yours the best year ever,

xx rose

Ps. I’m curious what New Year resolutions and habits you’re tackling this year?

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