04 Oct 2021

the 3 perfect fall outerwear pieces to buy now!

NYFW 2019


There are few fashion investments that are a better pay off than a good trench coat. Think cost-per-wear especially if you live here in Pittsburgh, PA. With 30 years of rainy seasons, my advice to keep the rainy day blues at bay is to own a really great trench coat that makes you feel your best! Shop my fav trenches here:


Shirt/Jackets are the hottest category in contemporary closets. In fact, the good ones sell out as soon as they hit the sales floor and for good reason! They’re the perfect layer to stay warm and stylish when you’re on the go. I’m super excited to try this $69 cozy one myself! Here are a few more that I would not wait on:

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Finding a good leather jacket these days is not as easy as one would think! I’ve scoured the internet and found the ideal leather jackets to throw on over a dress or wear with jeans and t-shirt. Shop leather jackets here:

Available in Black too!

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